Jan 042012
  The Andreas family pulled me in.  A family of readers, they had books in all rooms; while most children fought over the television this family immersed themselves in books. Three sisters, each named for famous Shakespeare works; Rosalind,(Rose) Bianca(Bean) and Cordelia(Cordy). Professor Andreas chooses to express emotion by quoting the Bard, his obsession with Shakespeare is a dominant factor with the family and leaves the sisters feeling they have much to live up too.
   There are some heavy topics tackled by The Weird Sisters.  After living their own lives for the past few years the three sisters are all back under their parents roof, the main reason for this being their mothers illness. You quickly become aware each sister has their own agenda for escaping to their childhood home. All three  sisters are very individual characters with separate personality traits and flaws. As a reader I could relate to each of them. Each sister feels as though their other sisters are favoured more than them and better than them in some way because the reader gets to see all characters thoughts and perspectives.
  The way this book is narrated has left some confusion, some have thought it was the voice of Cordy but that is not the case. It is all three sisters in a first person narrative.  it does take some getting used to but with the concept of the book it is very well done.
  The Weird Sisters title draws on the fathers love of Shakespeare and is a reference to the three witches in Macbeth. The infamous quote “”Double,double, Toil and Trouble, parties burn and Nonsense bubble.””