Aug 172011


A Discovery of Witches
by Deborah Harkness


By now, we’ve all seen the profusion of vampire and otherworldly creatures appearing in today’s pop literature.  Most of the books in this genre are geared toward young adult readers, and much of the writing is vapid and shallow, with too much emphasis on teen angst and juvenile interpersonal relationships, and are scant on action and/or plot substance.  However, this book is strikingly different.  The author, Deborah Harkness, is an accomplished academic writer of history, and her experience with detailed and thorough writing appears in her storytelling.  Harkness writes an amazing story full of twists and turns and subplot developments that leaves readers solving the immediate mystery while slowly working towards the mysteries overarching the entire plot.


Diana is a historian, studying alchemy, and finds herself in Oxford stumbling deeply and suddenly into a mystery of epic proportions.  She is long descended from the witches of Salem, and finds herself fighting for her life and the life of her newfound love in this story.  Diana must come to terms with what she believes versus the reality in which she lives, throwing herself into a chaotic new place she never envisioned, learning things she fought to the core of her being as unacceptable.  While the audience enjoys the story of her solving the mysteries first discovered in the Oxford library, the audience watches Diana fall deeply in love and forced to reassess herself and change to meet her new world.


This book is incredibly stunning, and is one of those page turners that leave you aching for more long after you’ve finished the last page.  Hopefully, it’s the first in a long series of adventures, as Deborah Harkness weaves a detailed and enthralling story full of rich history and interpersonal character development and associations.  This book will leave you wanting more, and eagerly waiting for the next book penned by Harkness’ hand.


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