May 072014

I’m sure by now we’ve all at least heard about A Game of Thrones, the TV series based on the books by George R. R. Martin. Brave knights, daring swordfights, fierce dragons, a little treason and murder to stir things up, and who could forget the beautiful Khaleesi? If you’ve seen the show, I absolutely recommend the books. The difference between TV and a book is that TV has limits. A director only has so much in his budget to create the world and so many actors to live in it. A book is only limited to the imagination of its author! And let me tell you, Martin has one crazy mind’s eye. So while I will say I love the show as much as the next person and they do a really good job of following the books with what they have, you’re still only getting half the story.

I know the size of the books can be a little overwhelming, and the TV series is definitely an easier commitment, but once you start reading, you won’t want the book to end. Just take it one chapter at a time, and try not to express your shock too loudly after ten. Then, when you review the TV series before the next season comes out, you’ll have all sorts of fun facts to share with your friends like: “What’s Hodor’s real name?” and “Who really killed Jon Arryn in the beginning?”

Martin puts a lot of details in his books. Like reading a book from J.R.R. Tolkien, you won’t be left to create a scene in your head alone; you’ll know details from the most extravagant house to the smallest cobble in a cobblestone walkway. Perhaps you’re reading in a doctor’s office, waiting for your name to be called so you can go back for your annual checkup. One minute you’re in a crowded room with frightened and crying children in the corner, then you open A Clash of Kings and you’re standing at the base of the Red Keep fighting in the Battle of Blackwater Bay while the water is ablaze with wildfire.

If you’re a fantasy lover, A Song of Ice and Fire series is the epitome of fantasy! Pick up one of the library’s many copies of the first book A Game of Thrones and find out just what your sci-fi/fantasy life has been missing all these years.