Nov 232011


Alas, Babylon
by Pat Frank


Alas, Babylon… that was the secret pass phrase.  The pass phrase shared by two brothers, only to be used when times are dire, when the world is stark, when the world is coming to an end.  Mark is in the military, and he sees a horrible future only moments away.  He calls his brother, whispering the secret phrase.  Randy knows just what to do, and begins to prepare.


Alas, Babylon is written in the middle of the Cold War era, and tells the tale of what our land would be like after the ravaging of nuclear bombs.  Bombs explode, taking out all the major metropolitan areas and destroying life as we knew it to be.  In a small section of Florida, a small community of people survive the holocaust, and must rebuild.  Although Randy thinks to prepare after his brother’s warning, he finds he doesn’t think of all the things this new society needs.


This book is very well written, is remarkably authentic, and the depth of research behind the storytelling is clear.  The struggles and strife of the small group in Florida will catch you and wrap you deep into their story, and make you think twice about what’s going on in the world, and what’s in your pantry.  Things you never even considered become horrible problems, and things we would think of don’t even matter two bits.  This is a great book!


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