Jun 212012

by William Van Meter

True crime novels fascinate us like little else, and many of us find the study of true crime mysteries a powerful draw.  Looking into the horrors and struggles of our fellow humans endure reminds us to be thankful and gracious in our own lives.  Typically, I read post-apocalyptic fiction, but lately I’ve picked up a few true crime thrillers.  This one is, by far, the best I’ve read so far.

Bluegrass takes place in Southern Kentucky, in a struggling rural town with a college right smack in the center of things.  Bubbly Katie grew up in a small town, bounced around the foster system, before coming to the college in Bowling Green.  There, Katie explodes her life into new dimensions, making risky choices and exploring different behaviors than what she knew from her quiet, small town life.  Katie makes new friends and pushes the boundaries her strict foster parents enforced.  Unfortunately, Katie makes some wrong choices to the detriment of her life.

But unlike most true crime books, this one reads like a novel.  Author William Van Meter begins the story of our mystery early in the lives of our characters.  He develops those characters, their surroundings, and their lives, and writes the story of Katie’s murder.   William Van Meter investigates back to fill in important details that shed light on how the crime came to happen, and how the crime laid repercussions on everyone who had Katie in their lives.  This is not a dry, exhaustive review of evidence and court proceedings; this is a story of lives that paints a clear and legible picture of the events leading up to and surrounding Katie’s horrific murder.

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