Dec 052011


Breaking Silence
by Linda Castillo

This is the third in Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder books, focusing around former Amish police chief Kate Burkholder.  Kate is a police chief in a small Ohio town with  a significant Amish community.  Kate’s community suffers horrible hate crimes on the Amish, and she must delve into the secrets of her community in order to find the truth, and put a stop to the crimes.

This book is similar to the first two books in the series, although it is milder and much less gristly.  However, the themes are the same, the characters and their interpersonal dynamics are the same, the cold, slushy, wintery weather is the same… Although Castillo writes a good book, this book is not remarkably different from her first two enough to classify it as an excellent read.  It’s high time Castillo develops the characters more, and let them let go the tired drama they’ve experienced in the first two books.  And for pete’s sake; change the weather!