Free Driving Tests!

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Aug 282015

Do you have a teen learning to drive in your house?  Did you buy a motorcycle?  Or expanding your career with a CDL?  The Portneuf Library now offers free online driving tests!  Practice here before you go to the DMV for your exam!

Free Driving Tests

Your Driver Education program contains the following state-specific information:
– 11 car practice tests
– 8 motorcycle practice tests
– 3 CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) practice tests
– 3 online driver’s manuals (car, motorcycle, CDL)
– An FAQ section with detailed answers to 100+ DMV-related questions

Click the link above to begin your practice tests today!

Chrome Library Extension

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Mar 242015

Chrome Library Extension

This is really neat!  Install the Library Extension for Chrome and when you’re searching Amazon, a little box will show up above the ‘buy’ options telling you if we have that item.  If we do, you can click ‘borrow’ to see the status of the book and put it on hold if it’s checked out.  You can also set it up for Marshall to see books they have, too.  The only thing to remember is the search is for the specific item’s ISBN, and we may have a different type or edition available.  Still, this is fun!  Check it out and save yourself some bucks by borrowing books instead of buying!

Library Extension Link

Install the extension in Chrome (It only works in the Chrome browser)
From the extension page choose the libraries you want to show
When you’re on Amazon, a little stack of books will show in the far right of your address bar.  You can also choose Portneuf by clicking on the books, choosing “Portneuf” and clicking the green plus sign.

Happy Searching!

Introducing Hoopla Digital

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Jan 312014

hoopla Web Banner Tagline


We are proud to introduce hoopla digital, a great new tool for streaming movies, tv shows, audiobooks, and music CDs to your personal smartphone or tablet and your computer.  Using hoopla is very easy, and there are hoopla apps in the Google Play store and iTunes app store.

First, you’ll need to set up an account with hoopla digital.  Click here to create your account.  You’ll need your library card number and your PIN; call the library if you need to have your PIN reset.

Then, download the hoopla app from Google Play or from the iTunes app store and log in with your account.  If you are using your computer, log into the website where you created your account.

Note that hoopla use is restricted to adult and teen cards that are RESIDENTS of the Portneuf District Library area.  Users are limited to 10 uses per month.

Here’s a link to hoopla digital YouTube videos for help:

Have fun!!!!

OneClickDigital – Audiobooks on the Go!

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Jan 162014



We are thrilled to announce our latest resource for listening to audiobooks, OneClickDigital!  OneClickDigital has thousands of audiobooks in all genres, including popular titles and classics.  We also have over 600 children’s books!  OneClickDigital is accessible on your personal computer or laptop, and has apps for Android, iOS, and the Kindle Fire.

To get started, you’ll need to create an account with OneClickDigital.  Click here to create your account.  Once you have your account, you may log in at any time on your personal computer to listen to books, or download the app on your Android, iOS, or Kindle Fire to listen on the go.  This is a fantastic service and we are thrilled to provide it to our library users!

Questions?  Please ask!  Give us a call or stop in today!

Homework Help

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Oct 022013

School has started once again which means that the time for homework help is here!!! We at the Portneuf District Library are here to help with children’s homework Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4-6pm, and Thursday, 4:30 p.m. – 6p.m., grades K-12. Homework help has already started and will run throughout the school year. Students must bring their homework or school assignments with which they need assistance.  Art and messy craft projects will not be included in homework help. To ensure that we are able to make our time as effective as possible we are limiting the concentrated amount of time we spend tutoring a single student to a half hour or one hour so that we are able to help other students as well. The student is more than welcome to ask for help if they need it after that first hour, but the library staff will no longer be able to walk them step by step through every problem. If you have any more questions please ask a librarian or call the library at 208-237-2192.


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