Mar 242015

Chrome Library Extension

This is really neat!  Install the Library Extension for Chrome and when you’re searching Amazon, a little box will show up above the ‘buy’ options telling you if we have that item.  If we do, you can click ‘borrow’ to see the status of the book and put it on hold if it’s checked out.  You can also set it up for Marshall to see books they have, too.  The only thing to remember is the search is for the specific item’s ISBN, and we may have a different type or edition available.  Still, this is fun!  Check it out and save yourself some bucks by borrowing books instead of buying!

Library Extension Link

Install the extension in Chrome (It only works in the Chrome browser)
From the extension page choose the libraries you want to show
When you’re on Amazon, a little stack of books will show in the far right of your address bar.  You can also choose Portneuf by clicking on the books, choosing “Portneuf” and clicking the green plus sign.

Happy Searching!