Dec 192011
Welcome to a world with no worries. A world where life’s major decisions are all made for you, who you love, where you work, even when you die. There are 100 songs, 100 poems,even films you can watch. Welcome to the future; The Society.In Ally Condie’s  first book, Matched brings us into this new world introducing us to Cassia on the eve of her Match banquet. The day the Society takes her data and determines who her optimal mate will be. Every thing in the society is based on control, and data they monitor every move you make, decide your meals, all for the optimal health of every person in the Society. Their explanation being that before we had access to too much information via technology.  So they took control and citizens of the Society now  reside  in cities spending their life knowing all major decisions will be made for them.Cassia has waited for this day, when she is matched at her banquet things seem to be clicking into place. Her match is her life long friend Xander. Most matches are not from the same province so it is considered highly unusual but very celebrated. Each person is given a micro chip containing information about there match. When Cassia gets home to look at her card Xanders face appears, then flickers and a different face appears. What in the world? She knows this face too.This sends Cassia reeling into a discovery that her world; the way she has grown up may not be as perfect as she thought. Torn between what society says and love wants. Where words are powerful and some things may feel safe, but you discover they are constricting and you want to break free.

I encourage many to delve into Cassia’s world in Matched and continue her journey in Condies sequel, Crossed.  Matched  brings the dystopian romance which will leave you at the edge of your seat for more!