Dec 092010

Oh No She Didn’t
by Clinton Kelly

So if you know me, you know I’m not a fashionista.  At all.  I barely see after brushing my hair and I’m loathe to take off my corral boots, and I only recently bought a jacket for myself in order to set aside the hand-me-down camo jackets my husband no longer uses for hunting.  So when this book came into the library, I mostly picked it up because of the funny title.  I wanted to see fashion faux pas like what you see on the People of Walmart website.  However, this book was not like that, and it totally sucked me in!

Clinton Kelly does an excellent job of offering fashion advice in a funny, approachable, and sensible form.  The chapters of the book are no more than a few paragraphs long and are straight to the point.  Kelly states his fashion tip, and explains why the tip is relevant and why it is important.  And unlike most fashion magazine articles and ads, Clinton Kelly chooses tips that are completely relevant, classic, and relate to various body styles.  He explains why you want to consider skirt length style in relation to how your body looks, instead of simply stating what the fashion trend dictates.

Kelly is witty and enjoyable to read and offers style tips that even I, in my casual, helter-skelter approach to dressing myself, find relevant and valuable.  I like quick and easy dressing with a minimal of fuss, but I found as I read that I made a checklist of things to think about when shopping in the future, and things that I want consider while going through my closet in order to appear a bit more put together.  Kelly’s suggestions are timeless and relevant, simple and effective, and made for any body style.

You can find Oh No She Didn’t on our new book shelves with the rest of our new nonfiction materials.  Come check it out today!