Aug 012011


Sworn To Silence
by Linda Castillo

Sworn to Silence is a gritty crime novel by Linda Castillo.  Set in Ohio’s Amish country, detective Kate Burkholder is faced with deep secrets from her past in light of gristly murders of the present.  Kate walks a delicate balance, with feet in each world – one in the Amish world she grew up in, and the other in the modern world in which she is the chief of police for her tiny town.

Linda Castillo writes a gripping, fast paced, addictive, and very dark crime novel.  You’ll begin this story and immediately be sucked in, turning each page as quickly as you possibly can, forgetting to eat or sleep or anything else!  This story, while dark and terrifying, is engaging and you will sit on the edge of your seat awaiting the unraveling of every little detail.

But beyond the fast paced crime story, Linda Castillo accurately portrays the life lived in a small Amish town.  The author obviously did extensive research to learn about the ways of Amish living, and her research paints a vivid and real life picture in which her story unfolds.  The attention to detail coupled with the excellent writing and storytelling makes this a must read book!

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