Bedside Book of Bad Girls

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Mar 252011

The Bedside Book of Bad Girls is written by historian Michael Rutter and is a historical retelling of our favorite outlaw cowgirls and madams from the Old West.  Rutter’s storytelling is enjoyable and engaging, and he draws the readers into the lives of such famous western women as Calamity Jane, Belle Starr, and Little Britches and Cattle Annie.  In addition to some of the more famous names, Rutter tells the tales of lesser known women with non-traditional, colorful pasts.

Rutter explores documents and histories to reveal the truth behind the women of the Wild West.  So many have tangled and extensive lives, yet the truth hides behind the legend that gave them their fame.  Rutter works very hard to discover the truth of the lives of these famous characters in order to set the record straight, yet explaining how the wild tales came about. The author delves into archives to find pictures  to illustrate his biographies.

Rutter distills extensive research into lively tales that are only a  handful of pages long, indeed making this an excellent bedside reader.  One will dream dreams of our historic Wild West after reading one of these 21 stories each evening!

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