Jun 092011

The Badge
By Jack Webb

So, you remember the show Dragnet, right?  Well this book, written by the same Jack Webb, highlights many of the stories featured on Dragnet that were not appropriate for the television audience.  These stories were classified as too violent or too sensational for TV, so Jack Webb documented them here.  But, this book is more than just the hidden stories behind the famous TV show and its episodes.  This book goes into the elaborate inner workings of the LA Police Department.  Webb explains, in detail, what each rank of officer does, and what his daily work life was like.  Webb also explains a significant amount of LA history, as well, showing for the reader how the common icons of today’s LA came about.  The book is rich with the stories, and even richer in painting the portrait of the giant metropolis of LA.  The caveat? The book was written in the fifties, and published in 1958.  Thus, this book is truly a window back in time, showing us what life was really like living in the beginnings of the urban sprawl that is now Southern California.  Webb’s book is a testimonial to the underbelly of the squeaky clean image of the 1950s, and is a real eye opener to read.

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