Sep 222011

The Dead & The Gone
by Susan Beth Pfeffer

This is book two in her “Last Survivors” series, and is the story of Alex and his sisters.  Alex, Julie, and Bri live in New York City when the moon is hit by the asteroid, pushing the moon dangerously close to the Earth, causing such global climate change that civilization is altered horrifically.  Alex’s family is gravely affected, not only because civilization stalls, food begins to disappear, people get sick, but also because his Father was in Puerto Rico, and his Mother was across the city in Brooklyn.

Alex struggles to take over the care of his sisters as the man of the house, doling out food, struggling to find the supplies they need to survive, while fighting to stay alive in the city, willing, hoping, and praying their parents will return.

Will they make it?  Do Alex’s parents return?  How to they survive the harsh, cold winter in New York City?  Come check out The Dead & The Gone today and find out!