May 032012

The University of Idaho Library would like to announce the release of its latest digital project, The Map Room.

The Map Room is a Google Fusion Table powered Google Maps application that allows users to browse over 8000 photographs from our digital collections.  Users can browse all of these photos on our Map of All Items or browse items on 9 collection-specific maps (click the “About the Map Room” link on the home page to see the list).  Each map is searchable by keyword, limitable by decade, and equipped with pre-defined zooming coordinates for easier discovery. The images in the maps’ info/pop-up windows are linked from our instance of ContentDM; each provides metadata about the image, a link back to the image’s web page (for more information), and a link back to the collection from which the image is drawn.  Most of the photos cover the state of Idaho although there are also several groupings from around the Northwest and throughout the country.

The Map Room’s newest additions come from another new collection – Idaho Cities and Towns.

This collection makes available photographs from 134 Idaho Cities and Towns, from Aberdeen to Yellow Dog.   These can be browsed by time, location, subject, and city name (use the cities/subject tab).