Nov 152011

The Maze Runner
by James DashnerIt all begins in a box… Thomas wakes up, flying high into the sky in a dark, black box.  He ascends into the heavens and is deposited in yet another box, but this box is filled with boys of all ages.  Everyone has a job.  Some grow food.  Some raise and harvest animals.  Some do the cooking.  Others, the cleaning.  And a few, well, they run.

This box is surrounded by a Maze.  A maze filled with creatures… oozing, bulbous creatures covered with metal stingers and spikes and claws… creatures that chase the boys with one intent – to kill them.  A maze that changes, every night, so no matter how much the runners run, no matter how they remember the path, every day it’s different.

And it’s all coming to an end.  Thomas’ arrival is quickly followed by Teresa’s arrival, and with her comes a note, “She’s the last one.  Ever.”

So Thomas decides, that no matter what, he’s to be a runner.  He will run the maze.  He will find a way out, before they all die.

Check out The Maze Runner today, and get hooked on this excellent first book of the Maze Runner Trilogy!