Jan 202014

The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks is easily my favorite trilogy, and it shocks me to hear the name “Brent Weeks” isn’t more renowned for his tales of treason, friendship, murder, and magic. The books follow Azoth, an orphan boy living in the slums, as he progresses from a bullied child to an apprentice assassin as Kylar Stern working under the legendary Durzo Blint Kylar’s conquests range from overthrowing the treasonous king to overcoming his fear of women, especially women that look like his mutilated friend “Doll Girl”. While Kylar grows, the realm falls. A war is about to break out, and Kylar might be the only hope to save his home, for Kylar is the Night Angel, an immortal. With the help of Logan, the true king of the realm; Viridiana, a female assassin with more than one trick up her sleeve; Elene, formerly known as “Doll Girl”; Durzo, the master that taught Kylar everything he knows; and Dorian, a fortune-teller slowly losing his mind, Kylar might be able to save the world and live out his life as a normal person.

Weeks doesn’t just change the world you know and live in every day, he creates a new one. A world where women working in brothels have more protection than the king himself, where it’s not unusual for children to live in the streets, and where hell is quite literally a hole in the ground. Magic is in abundance, but it’s restrained by rules, and contained in spheres spread throughout the land, so no one character will ever be ridiculously overpowering (which gets a little annoying in books). If you’re looking for an exciting read with compelling characters and nonstop action, pick up the first book in this astounding trilogy, The Way of Shadows, and join Kylar in his struggle against his calling and his conscience.