Nov 182011

The World Ends in Hickory Hollow
by Ardath MayharThe lights went out. Not an uncommon occurrence in the country, and life goes on.  Naturally, the Hardeman family went about their business, until they went into town.  Town was empty, not a soul in sight.  No one around.  Everyone gone.  Come to find out, the world ended, without a bang, without fanfare.  Tucked away, caring for themselves, the Hardeman family missed the bombs that fell, ending civilization as they knew it, and ending the lives of those in the towns and cities.  But tucked away in their hollow, the Hardeman family begins to find some of their neighbors, and begin to build a tight knit community that works together for the common good of the whole.  That is, until the Ungers find them.
The Ungers were a wild bunch, always drinking and partying and letting their children run half wild.  They were the rowdies, the rough ones, but now, they’re the really bad news in the neighborhood.  The Ungers are no longer just out for a party.  Now they’re out for blood.
In The World Ends In Hickory Hollow, we watch a small group begin to build a community and persevere against horrible attacks by the Ungers as they kill everyone in sight and loot the community’s hard fought goods.
Check out The World Ends In Hickory Hollow today to read about the Hardeman’s journey and survival of the fittest after the world falls apart!