Sep 292011

This World We Live In
by Susan Beth Pfeffer

This is the final book of Pfeffer’s riveting trilogy “Last Survivors.”  This book takes us back to Miranda, from book one, and her journal entries.  A year has passed.  Her family has struggled to hang on.  Through the ups and downs, deaths and traumas, they have prevailed.

And then, company arrives.  It’s Miranda’s father and step mother, and a motley crew collected on their journey.  Enter in Alex and Julie, from Pfeffer’s second book in the series.  They’ve left New York, and after their own troubles, begin to seek a brighter future.

Alex is willful and set in his decisions.  Julie is willful and insisting on her freedom.  Miranda just wants her family together.  But she finds herself drawn to Alex… but the choices he must make… will Miranda be one of them?

This is the conclusion to Susan Beth Pfeffer’s “The Last Survivors” trilogy, and brings together the shattered lives of a climactic devastation we should hope to never experience, and through this story, we begin to see the rebuilding of a new way of life in the face of loss and desperate circumstances.  Pfeffer pens a great story, and these books are enjoyable, if not a little frightening, reads.

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