Jul 072011

By Kathy Reichs

Ever watch the show Bones? Have you ever read any of Kathy Reichs’ books that the TV show Bones was based on? Well, Kathy Reichs started writing young adult fiction, her debut YA novel being Virals. Virals follows the common themes prevelant in today’s YA fiction of otherworld creatures in today’s society.  Virals centers around the story of a group of teens who rescue their favorite wolf pup from a research laboratory, and the mystery they must solve to answer the questions about the mystery they uncover.  The teens, while rescuing their beloved pup, are exposed to a virus that permanently alters their DNA giving them werewolf like abilities.  These new abilities the teens have cause them to struggle to get along amongst the normal people of society, but at the same time, the same abilities help them to uncover the mystery they find about the research station near their homes.

Reichs is a fabulous author that writes a fast paced and engaging story, and this novel is no different than her Bones books.  The book draws you in and keeps you wrapped up and wanting to turn every page to follow the adventures of the kids in the story.  The book is well written and fast paced, yet sprinkled with a hefty dose of the science behind what happened to the kids.  The science is clearly written and is a great flourish to the storyline.

Overall, this is a great book for young adult and adult readers alike.  Come in and check out Virals today!