Jul 202011

What So Proudly We Hailed
by James Howard

What would you do if the country was plunged into chaos, and nothing worked the way it should?  This is the story of what happens when America suffers a horrible attack on the nation’s power grids, crippling the US and sending her countrymen into complete civil disorder.  Money is no good, and bartering takes over.  But what do you have to trade?  Vigilantes and local militia set up camps and run neighborhoods, but who controls them?  The only solution in Jason Ribault’s mind for his family, is to take to the Carolina coast.  Jason and his family shore up on their small cabin boat and snug into the Low Country’s barrier islands to wait out the danger and the terror of what becomes of America when her government completely topples and loses control.

This book is particularly frightening, because the scenario, and even bits of the scenario, are completely plausible.  Something like this might happen any day… are you ready?

Get sucked into the amazing page turner today, and start really thinking about the value of what is to become tomorrow!

What So Proudly We Hailed