May 042011

Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It
Gary Taubes

This is an interesting book that caught my eye when it came in our door.  Like many, I’m a bit on the pudgy side, and although I love my job, I know that part of that reason is that I spend a lot of time just sitting at this computer in my office doing stuff.  A far cry from the barn work I did for years and years.

So, like many, I’m always interested in ways to cut back on my total body mass.  I eat fairly well, and I exercise, but like many, that’s not enough to keep me slim.  So what’s the answer?  Well, I think that answer varies from individual to individual; we are all so different.

This particular book, though, lays the blame of today’s obesity squarely on the shoulders of refined carbohydrates.  We’ve all heard about the Adkins diet that eliminates all breads, grains, and sugars, and this book talks a lot about why that works, and how those pesky carbs impact our bodies.  Essentially, our bodies were not designed for the high sugar and high carbohydrate diets we have today.  Our bodies were designed to eat differently, that being what we would hunt or gather.  Biologically, our bodies weren’t made to eat white bread pumped out from factories or the amount of candy and soda we eat.

Author Taubes does extensive research pointing to many medical studies and articles regarding how humans react to the highly refined diets we eat, which is an interesting explanation as to why the carb free diets work for some people.

The book is quite interesting to read and offers more information than you’d expect from a diet book, but really, this is not a diet book.  There are not recipes or steps or a process for making yourself thin or lean, rather, just information on how the process of eliminating carbohydrates works on the human body.  As I read, I kept waiting for the magic answer, but found it came pretty late in the book.  Was it fascinating?  Yes.  Did it answer a lot of questions on why restricting carbs works?  Yes.  However, if you’re expecting any structure or recipes or rules or anything of the sort typically found in diet books, you’ll not find it in this one.  Once you have the information you need from this book, you do have to go forth and find recipes and other carb restricting diet structures to give the process to follow through with the information presented here.

Check out Why We Get Fat for more info!